Coffee & Publication

A little look behind the scenes: For the publishers participating at Indiecon, we set up a special meeting point to talk to independent publishing experts like distributors, booksellers and critics in a one-on-one setting. Here's a brief self-introduction.


Stack is an independent magazine subscription service. Each month we send our subscribers a different independent title – every delivery is a surprise, but it will always be a beautiful indie mag and a fascinating read. Stack started in 2008 and we now send out thousands of magazines every month to our subscribers, and last year we launched an online magazine shop too.

Ever wondered how we manage our stock and how Stack’s subscription model works? Meet the subscription manager for Stack magazines: Vicky Burgess for a coffee.

Ever wondered how magazines get into the bookshops of trainstation, airports and the hottest hotspots outside of the indie-bubble? Guido Sturmat and his good-will elfs know where to place your magazine and what is important for a cover from distribution side. Professional distribution skills teamed up with a passion for independent magazines: Meet Guido Sturmat, director of Press-Up for a coffee and get some glimpses from the outside.


Marc Robbemond is a core member of Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum – Amsterdam’s notable newsstand existing since 1969. At the store since 2011, he specializes in the discovery, import and circulation of independent magazines and zines from across the globe. Fascinated by stories behind independent publishing, Marc has also been the initiator of many of Athenaeum’s events with indie magazine makers.

Stephanie Krawehl had been managing her bookshop Lesesaal for eight years, first in Eimsbüttel and for the past 1,5 years in Neustadt. She's not a trained bookseller, she come from sales – but she has been living her love for books her whole life. For her, having an independent bookshop means maintaining and promoting the free word, keeping alive a place – the bookshop – as a meeting point and reading space for everyone who values and loves the written word. And doing it with humour, passion and a great sense for a balanced assortment. Fiction is real!

Riso-Universe & Publication Review

Wobby is a Risograph (maga)zine with work from international artists and is published four times a year since 2015. also organises projects, bringing artists and public together.

It’s not too difficult to start a small press (maga)zine, but you need dedication to continue. What skills are needed, how can you reach and expand your public, how do you stand out? Chief editor Marjolein Schalk will be happy to share some tips and talk about your ideas or portfolio.

Have you ever wondered if your Mum is telling you the truth about how great and beautiful your magazine/book is? Maybe it’s time for a reality check. Michael Hopp brings more than 30 years of publishing experience to the table and a keen understanding of the mechanics that make a publication great. The best thing about it: not only does Michael bring up the painful subjects, he’s also interested in a constructive dialogue to move your magazine forward.