Indiecon 2019

Independent Publishing Festival

Summmmer, where have you been? We can't wait to celebrate this years edition of Indiecon with you. Yes, get out your rainbow-pencil to mark the first weekend of September in your calendar ? – that's when the Independent Publishing Festival will happen. Books, Zines, Art prints, Magazines and their makers are our heros and headliners. This is what we're up to:

7 – 8 Sep 2019,

12 – 6 pm

Trade show

One hall for publishing diversity: come the first weekend in September, over 70 magazines and small publishers from every corner of the world will be showing and selling their work at the Oberhafen in Hamburg. Some 4,000 visitors from the media, arts and creative industries will charge up their batteries with fresh design, new narrative forms and progressive ideas for distribution.



Year-round inspiration

The trade show has been held once a year since 2014, bringing together self-motivated producers of magazines, zines, comics, art books and other wonderful narratives. Die Brueder Publishing organises and curates the event. During Indiecon, new and established publishers can hone their abilities and skills and connect with an international magazine and publishing scene. 60 to 80 exhibitors present their work, revealing new aesthetics, narrative forms and production techniques. Independent publishers are joined by young publishing companies, agencies and studios as well as student projects.



Discover publishing diversity

Printed or digital, independent magazines and books are an important part of our free society. They give a voice to social movements, experiment with form and content, can spark off debates and bring little-noticed topics under the public gaze. The community of magazine makers joins forces at Indiecon with art book and zine publishers and with innovative independent publishing companies. Themes include literature and journalism, comics, illustration and pop, photography, architecture and popular science, politics, business and everything in between.

Art Prints,


Sharing ideas with professionals

Experienced publishers, coaches and service providers from production, marketing or distribution unlock their toolboxes at Indiecon and share their market knowledge. As well as the professionals with their expert feedback, many readers and magazine fans come to the festival and pick up the publications – the magic moment for any publisher. They eyeball the magazines, zines and books, leaf through them, read them and provide valuable feedback. Do new ideas develop here? Certainly new reading relationships. At least there’s a good chance of finding something new at Indiecon that would otherwise lead a hidden life in drawers or backyard workshops.

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