Indiecon 2018 – Conference – Reduced

This ticket is only available for selected groups (see below). It will give you full access to all events at Indiecon Conference 2018, Sep 7th – Sep 9th in Hamburg. You will also be able to access the adjoined Indiemagdays. Special events or workshops that are not part of the Conference program might require an additional ticket. But don’t worry – this is the main gig and it will definitely be worth your while!

Regular discount: Please buy this ticket only if you’re a student, trainee, if you’re unemployed or not able to afford the regular ticket for some other reason.

Group discount: If you are a group with 5+ persons, please add 2 regular tickets and at least 3 reduced tickets to your cart. If you are more, just add more reduced tickets. And don’t forget to shoot us an e-mail so we get to know you beautiful people!


Incl. 19% VAT (7.98€)